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Organic Cashew Whole 100gm


100gm.Organic Cashew Whole

Cashew nut is one of the nutritious nuts out of other nuts. However, you cannot consume it daily due to the presence of high-calorie content. That is the reason why there is a big NO for cashew nuts in diet-conscious people. Apart from calories, cashews are rich in –

  • Essential fatty acids
  • Vitamin E, Vitamin K, and Vitamin K
  • Minerals – calcium, copper, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and folate
  • Antioxidants
  • Fibres
  • Proteins and carbs

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Cashews are low in sugar and rich in fiber, heart-healthy fats, and plant protein. They’re also a good source of copper, magnesium, and manganese — nutrients important for energy production, brain health, immunity, and bone health

 Prevents Blood DiseaseThe consumption of cashews on a regular basis and limited manner may help in avoiding blood diseasesCashew nuts are rich in copper, which plays an important role in the elimination of free radicals from the body. Copper deficiency can lead to iron deficiencies such as anemia. Hence our diet should contain recommended quantity of copper. And cashew nuts are a good source.


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