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Natural Spine Guard / Kantole 250gm

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Weight loss:Spiny gourd is a low-calorie vegetable and its consumption favours weight loss. It adds a good amount of moisture to the body.

Anti-aging:Spiny gourd has anti-aging properties. It contains beta carotene, lutein, xanthines, etc., which help in keeping the skin healthy and well textured.

  1. Eye health:Vitamin A is the key nutrient for a better vision. Therefore, this vegetable being rich in vitamin A helps in improving the eye-sight.
  2. Skin problems:There are several skin problems, which a person might face throughout their life. It is known that the roasted seeds of the spiny gourd are known to be beneficial in eczema and other skin complications.

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2 reviews for Natural Spine Guard / Kantole 250gm

  1. best spirograph sets

    Whats tough now is how the systematic appearance to ones life is not changed. This may sound out of line? It is nearly as if we crawl through life with our eyes closed on, not understanding the true meaning of our own destiny.

  2. Shri ram singh

    sir kakoda seed mangwana hai

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