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  • Brown Basmati Rice 500gm


    500gm.Organic Brown Basmati Rice

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  • Brown Sona Masoori Rice 1000gm


    500gm.Organic Brown Sona Masoori Rice

  • Brown Sugar 1000gm


    900gm.Organic Brown Sugar

  • Browntop millet Flour1000gm


    Brown Top Millet is signal grass and is one of the rarest millets found. This millet seed can be grown in a variety of soils and climates. It is native to India and grows well in the dry lands of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh border areas. It is called koralee in Kannada. Brown Top Millet in Telugu is called Andu Korralu. Brown Top Millet in Tamil is known as Pala Pul.

    Brown Top Millet grass is a wildlife food crop that is used by livestock for summer grazing. It also controls erosion and is useful in hay and food grain production.

    Brown Top Millet in the USA is known as Urochloa Ramosa. Its introduction was mainly for managing forage or pasture using this annual and perennial warm-season grass. In the USA, Brown Top Millet is specially grown in the South-eastern areas, comprised of the non-wetlands in the coastal plains of the Atlantic and Gulf region, eastern Piedmont, and the Great Plains. These areas are rich in sandy loam soil, which is the best for growing Brown Top Millet.

  • Castor Oil 200ml


    200ml.Organic Castor Oil

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  • Ceramic kapoor dani

    • Beautiful looking direct plug-in Ceramic Kapoor Dani is best for burning Kapoor and Aroma Oil.
    • Using essential oils or camphor in a diffuser is an effective way to improve memory, cognitive function and focus and has a positive impact on your overall health.
    • Multipurpose Best Used for diffusion of aroma oils and camphor and also as night lamp. If you want to use as aroma diffuser than plug it in and switch on the heat button on the product.
    • Manufactured from high quality deluxe stone pot ceramic material. decorative stylish vintage folwer bulb stones kapurdani
    • Color will be send as per availability.
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  • Chana Dal 500gm


    500gm.Organic Chana Dal

    Interesting Chana Dal Benefits for Health
    • Great for the Heart. Chana dal is also known as baby chickpea. …
    • Strong Muscles. …
    • Better Body Immunity. …
    • Disease Prevention. …
    • Healthy Bones and Teeth. …
    • Lowers Blood Sugar. …
    • Aids in Weight Loss. …
    • Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties.
  • Chana/ Bengal Gram 500gm


    500gm.Organic Desi Gavaran Chana



  • Chat Masala 50gm


    30gm.Organic Chat Masala

  • Coconut 1Piece


    1 Piece.Residue Free Coconut

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  • Coconut Oil 1000ml


    1000ml.Organic Coconut Oil

  • Colocasia 1 Bunch (alu Leaf)


    1 Bunch.Colocasia Leaves


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