Why Organic

We strongly believe that the food we consume is the best source of energy. Therefore, it is of vital importance that the food should be free of toxic chemicals. Organic and natural foods are free from toxic chemicals and hence it is an absolute source of the safe, healthy and nutrition food.

Regular consumption of organic and natural food keeps us healthy and strong and increases our immunity. It is evident that our ancestors had a longer and healthy life style owing to the food they consumed. With time the contamination of food has increased.

Organic food is free from toxic chemicals, full with its natural ingredients, anti-oxidants, good in taste. It is safe and healthy food. Regular consumption of organic food keeps us healthy and fit, it immunity studies have proved that one of the reasons of cancer, neurological diseases, reproductive diseases is continuous consumption of food produced by using chemicals.

Organic is a way, a habit and a practice all rolled into one. It refers to a way of growing and processing food. It is also about the reliance on an ecological system that sustains itself on rich soil and proven traditional practices to grow crop and food that resists pests and diseases. Organic also means, the farmers don’t use toxic, persistent pesticides, fertilizers which are known to contaminate soil, air, water and the food. In fact, organic farmers and farming involves practices of rotating crops, deploying beneficial insects, using locally honed methods, adding composted manure and plant wastes to the soil.

Organic farmers are environmentally friendly. They choose solutions to the pests and disease problems that affect their crops in a way that does not damage and destroy the planet. Their wisdom is proven so are their practices.